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LOVELY Wedding Photography frames your life’s most cherished moments in a style that is vibrant, artistic, and candid. My name is Mary McCune and my life’s pursuit is built on immortalizing beauty through images. 


My background in visual story-telling began with my love for film. In 2015, I graduated Cum Laude with my B.F.A. in Film and Media Arts from the University of Tampa, I then journeyed to Brooklyn, NY to pursue my M.F.A. in Cinema Arts from Brooklyn College. For the past five years I’ve worked between Florida and New York City in the Film & TV Industry as an Independent Producer. 


An opportunity arose when my partner Christian Fernandez began his own Wedding Videography Company CJF Wedding Films in Key West, FL. Having worked as his second shooter and editor this past year. I feel like I found my sincerest passion, Wedding Photography. 


For me this new found pursuit feels meant to be. My experience and eagerness to photograph couples in a special moment of their lives brings me great joy to be a part of, and it gives me an opportunity to marry my three greatest strengths; coordination, creativity, and compassion. 


My greatest wish is to provide couples with memories that will last lifetimes and deliver an experience that is always easy, thoughtful, and simply, lovely. 



Morgan & Logan 

Gainesville, FL

Everyday is a good day when you’re able to photograph a couple, but it’s especially rewarding when you know them personally. Morgan and Logan have been our dearest friends for years, and this year marks a memorable one as they bought their first home and got engaged a few months later. Thankfully we didn’t have to go far from home as they had a beautiful location in mind for sunset photos in Paynes Prairie, a nature preserve located in Gainesville, FL. Needless to say we had a wonderful shoot where we captured some magical moments between the two of them. Click on the images below to see it all!


Sam & Clark


Jupiter, FL

It happened on a bright and beautiful day on a boardwalk overlooking the ocean. One month prior, Clark had reached out to organize the details of his proposal, he chose a place just outside of Sam’s parents home. It was a place they would frequent while they were both attending medical school in Miami. Unfortunately the boardwalk that Clark originally chose was under construction, but we were lucky to find another spot where we could hide out to take some candid moments of Sam’s reaction. She said yes, and the rest is history, a great start to an unforgettable November, click through their photos below to see it all.

Base wedding packages beginning at $1000. Contact us to see our full pricing sheet!

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